MAQIS Prevents Entrance Attempts of Produce Lorries

Four lorries transporting agricultural produce from Thailand were successfully stopped from their attempts of entering the country by the state’s Malaysia Quarantine and Inspection Services (MAQIS) department at the entry point of Pengkalan Hulu immigrations, customs, quarantine and security (ICQS) complex in northern Perak.

According to MAQIS director, Rozita Superman in a statement by the department, inspections on the lorries have shown that they do not comply with conditions specified by the department’s import permit.

“Confiscated produce include 450 kilos of durians and 480 kilos of petais, which are worth RM2,565,” she said. 

“The lorry drivers have failed to disclose information and thus, they can be charged under Section 15(1) of the Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Act 2011 (Act 728),” Rozita explained. “If they are proven guilty, they may either be fined not more than RM100,000, jailed for not more than six years or both.”

She mentioned that MAQIS constantly ensures that plants, animals, carcasses, fishes, agricultural products, soils and microorganisms which enter Malaysia are free from threats of pests, diseases and contaminating agents.

“We also make sure that agricultural sources brought into the country do not negatively impact the agricultural sector and adheres to health aspects of humans, animals, plants, fishes and food security,” Rozita mentioned.


Rosli Mansor

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