A Succ(essful) Plant Lovers Carnival at Ipoh Parade

The recent Succulent Fair held at Ipoh Parade from 3 to 5 May proved to be a delightful extravaganza for plant enthusiasts, earning accolades as a “Succ(essful) plant lovers carnival.” Hosted by Cactus Boy Nursery to celebrate its 4th anniversary, the event drew crowds of avid gardeners and curious shoppers alike, transforming the mall into a vibrant hub of greenery and creativity.

With nearly 10 activities planned each day, attendees were treated to a range of engaging experiences. One of the highlights was Koh Kuan Meng’s (aka Ah Boy) innovative blend of offline and online engagement. Ah Boy conducted live lucky draw sessions via Facebook Live, attracting around 200 viewers per session. The dynamic reveal of winners for the “Guess & Win” contest, with participants estimating the weight of a giant golden barrel cactus, captivated audiences both at the fair and online.

The interactive nature of the fair extended to creative workshops where participants adorned mini flower pots and coloured charming Succulent Keychains. These hands-on activities fostered a sense of creativity and appreciation for botanical artistry.

Sharing sessions led by experts like Tracy Ting from Jungle Art added an educational and artistic flair to the event. Tracy demonstrated how to turn elements of nature into stunning works of living art. Her process of mounting a staghorn fern onto a wood piece showcased the fusion of nature and creativity, leaving attendees impressed and inspired.

Ah Boy never stints on sharing his knowledge and holds sessions on basic care techniques for cactus and succulents, propagation methods, disease, and pest prevention. Attendees actively participated in Q&A sessions, seeking personalised advice for their plant care routines. The fair thus served as a platform for learning and skill enhancement, catering to both beginners and experienced gardeners.

One notable trend observed at the fair was the enthusiasm of shoppers in purchasing larger plants. Many visitors expressed concerns about potential damage during delivery and thus intentionally waited for the fair to stock up on these specimens. These dedicated plant enthusiasts left the fair with substantial purchases, spending hundreds of Ringgit on their botanical treasures. Their satisfaction was evident as they proudly shared their haul on social media platforms, highlighting their joy in finding and acquiring prized plants directly from trusted sources at the fair.

The integration of social media platforms added a modern twist to traditional fairs. Participants enthusiastically engaged with Cactus Boy Nursery’s online presence, from reviewing their outlets to participating in online contests and sharing their experiences. This digital interaction not only expanded the event’s reach but also encouraged community building among plant enthusiasts.

Ah Boy expressed immense satisfaction at the fair’s success, attributing it to the enthusiastic patronage of plant lovers from Ipoh and beyond.

Ipoh Parade’s Advertising and Promotions Manager, Lim Huey Tyng, echoed the sentiment of success, noting the positive response from shoppers eagerly anticipating future events. “We are proud that this one-of-a-kind succulent fair has left a lasting impression on our shoppers,” said Lim, highlighting the event’s unique appeal and community engagement.

The Ipoh Parade Succulent Fair was not just a gathering of plant enthusiasts but a celebration of nature, creativity, and community spirit. Its success in engaging audiences, promoting education, and inspiring creativity sets a benchmark for future green-themed events. As the sun sets on this Succulent Fair, the seeds of inspiration and camaraderie sown during these days will continue to bloom in the hearts and gardens of all who attended.

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