LEC Eye Centre Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Year-Long CSR

by Anne Das

LEC Eye Centre, possibly the longest-serving private eye care centre in Malaysia, celebrated its 50th anniversary with a grand event at its Ipoh premises. The celebration was graced by Nga Kor Ming, Minister of Housing and Local Government, and Sivanesan Achalingam, Chairman of State Health, Human Resources, National Integration, and Indian Community Affairs.

In honour of its milestone anniversary, LEC Eye Centre announced a series of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives aimed at enhancing eye health in the community. Central to these initiatives are 50 free cataract surgeries, worth approximately RM150,000, provided to underprivileged patients, and 90 pairs of glasses for orphans in the community, valued between RM4,000 and RM5,000.

Dato’ Dr Y. C. Lee – Founder and Chairman, LEC Eye Centre

“Serving the community is part of our ethos, and as we mark our 50th anniversary milestone, we wish to dedicate our 50th year to a series of meaningful CSR initiatives,” said Dato’ Dr. Y.C. Lee, Founder and Chairman of LEC Eye Centre.

Nga Kor Ming praised LEC’s dedication, saying, “LEC Eye Centre has been a beacon of excellence in eye care for five decades, consistently contributing to the welfare of the community. Their commitment to CSR is truly commendable.”

The anniversary celebrations also highlighted the importance of eye health awareness. LEC Eye Centre will conduct free eye assessments and host educational events on common eye health issues such as cataract, myopia, dry eyes, and glaucoma.

Dato’ Dr Y. C. Lee and Dr Lee Mun Wai share a light hearted moment with Nga Kor Ming while getting his eye pressure measured by the Non-Contact Tonometer (NCT) machine.

“Eye care awareness is an essential pillar in the management of eye health issues and preventing vision impairment,” emphasised Dr. Lee Mun Wai, Medical Director of LEC Eye Centre. He highlighted the growing concern of myopia, especially among the younger generation, and the need for increased awareness about its potential long-term consequences.

Founded in 1974, LEC Eye Centre has grown from a single clinic to a leading eye care provider with multiple locations. Over the years, it has been at the forefront of eye care innovations and community service. Past CSR initiatives, such as the Blindness Prevention Programme launched in 2015, have provided free eye screenings and surgeries to numerous individuals, significantly impacting the community.

Dr Lee Mun Wai – Medical Director, LEC Eye Centre

Looking ahead, LEC Eye Centre plans to enhance its services through digitalization and the adoption of new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI). Investments will be made in Electronic Medical Records (EMR), system upgrades, and staff training to improve administrative efficiency and patient care.

“We will focus on enhancing services, digitalization, research, and adoption of new technology,” said Ms. Wendy Lee, Finance Director of LEC Eye Centre. The centre also aims to expand its research capabilities through collaborations with colleagues and industry partners, aiming to bring new innovations and technologies to the community.

Ms Wendy Lee – Finance Director, LEC Eye Centre

The 50th-anniversary celebration of LEC Eye Centre reinforces its long-standing commitment to providing exceptional eye care services and giving back to the community. With a robust plan for future advancements and a continued focus on CSR initiatives, LEC Eye Centre is poised to remain at the forefront of eye health care in Perak and beyond.

For more details on the upcoming initiatives and events, stay tuned to LEC’s social media channels.

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