Perak Floods: Police Provide Transportation for SMK Alor Pongsu Students Until Roads Reopen

BY: Aida Aziz

BAGAN SERAI: In response to the challenges faced by residents in flood-affected areas here, the Kerian District Police have initiated a transportation service for students to and from school.

Kerian District Police Chief Superintendent Juna Yusoff stated that this assistance is being provided to 46 students from SMK Alor Pongsu who are stranded due to flooded roads that are impassable for light vehicles.

“On May 18, heavy rains hit the Kerian district, causing several areas to flood, with the worst affected being kilometre 15 of Jalan Selama-Bagan Serai.

“Water levels rose to 0.5 meters, making it impossible for light vehicles to pass and disrupting daily activities, including those of 46 students from SMK Alor Pongsu, from Masjid Changkat Lobak to the school.

“As a result, the police have arranged transportation services to pick up and drop off the students from their residences to the school.

“This initiative also alleviates the burden on their parents during the flood situation,” he said on Monday.

Juna emphasized that this assistance is crucial to ensuring that students attend school and do not fall behind in their studies, despite the road closures.

“The effort to provide transportation for the students will continue as needed until the route is free from flooding and reopened for traffic,” he added.

He further noted that while the vision of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) is to lead in maintaining national safety and peace, serving the community is also a priority in line with their motto, “Police and the Community are Inseparable.”

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