TT5 Extreme Equestrian Sports 

The Extreme Equestrian Sports held at Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge No. 5 (TT5) yesterday on July 26 will continue to attract more visitors to the tourist attraction site.

According to Kinta District Officer, Halizah Sipun, the extreme sport which was usually held in Ipoh is now introduced at TT5.

“This sports programme was firstly held with collaboration from the Kinta Land and District Office, Ipoh Iskandar Polo Club and Menteri Besar Incorporated (MB Inc),” she said. “Also, the programme was held casually to strengthen relationships between club members.

“TT5 is one of the most popular tourism products in Perak with its lush green surroundings, which indirectly promotes Batu Gajah and is also one of Perak’s heritage sites”, Halizah added.

12 participants from Iskandar Polo Club joined in the sport by riding horses around the 26-kilometre long TT5 passageway. 

Besides the opportunity to explore the tin dredge in learning the process of tin ore mining in old times, visitors are also exposed to traditional dulang washing (tin ore panning) methods. Fishing activities are also allowed on TT5.

TT5 was handed over by the state government to MB Inc in 2015 to be made a state heritage site. Efforts were done to make TT5 both a heritage and tourism destination. Interesting activities were prepared for visitors to rewind the nostalgia of our heyday during the tin ore mining era which boosted Perak’s economy.

According to Halizah, the programme does not only help in its promotional aspects, but also integrates tourism with history and culture.

“We’re in the midst of planning to continue the Extreme Equestrian Sports in the future,” she expressed. “The passageway might be extended to 40 kilometres, which we deem necessary to introduce TT5 as not only an ancient tin dredging device but also a heritage that survives the tales of time.”


Rosli Mansor

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