PGA Camp Flooded Due to Thunderstorms 

Due to thunderstorms yesterday evening, the Hulu Kinta General Operations Force (PGA) camp was struck with a muddy flash flood. 

According to the Kinta District disaster committee chairman, Halizah Sipun, a few areas inside the camp were flooded after continuous heavy rain. 

“The muddy water was one foot deep which flooded the camp’s marching grounds, main entrance and passageways,” she said when contacted today (August 22).

“Luckily, the flood did not strike residential areas inside the PGA camp,” Halizah mentioned. 

Sources verified that one of the many factors which led to the flooding was due to nearby projects from the Public Works Department (JKR). 

Halizah added that nearby residential areas were also struck with flash floods, which were Taman Tanjung Mas in Hulu Kinta and Desa Putra Indah. 

“Both places had been struck with floods before, but this was the first for the PGA camp,” she expressed. 


Rosli Mansor 

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