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Would I be suitable for the Team?

If you are seeking a nursing role which will allows you to serve patients in their homes at a time when professional and sensitive care is of the utmost priority, then this could be an opportunity for you! Although terminal care has its own particular stressfulness, it too has immense rewards in terms of providing the opportunity to help patients and their families when they most need it. It also allows the nurse to grow as a person and to be a community pioneer, working with a Society which is breaking new grounds in home care.

Our Nursing Team provides key support to advance cancer patients by visiting them in their homes, administering pain and symptom-relieving drugs, assisting with basic forms of nursing care and giving support to their loved ones at critical times in an advanced disease. As such, it is a very special role which, whilst heavy at times, provides immense reward and professional satisfaction for the nurse who seeks a special calling to assist such patients and their families.

Summary of Remuneration and Benefits 

  • Competitive salary scales
  • Commencing salaries takes into account experience and qualifications
  • PPCS provides vehicles for home visits
  • Annual development training
  • Working in a small team with individual allocation of patients
  • Personal handphone
  • EPF and Socso coverage
  • Personal Accident and Hospitalisation benefits
  • Incremental leave allowances


APPLY NOW for an informal interview. Contact details as below: 

Perak Palliative Care Society (PPCS)

54, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

31400 Ipoh, Perak

Tel Contact: 055464732

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