Appeal for Donation: Helping Homeless Elderly to Live with Dignity

By Mei Kuan

Launched in January 2019, the Smiling Faces project by the Home for the Aged (CWS) Simee is aimed to raise funds for much-needed maintenance of the home. It is hoped to bring smiles to the faces of the residents and help them to live with dignity during their twilight years.

Block A and Block B were built in 1998 and 2002 respectively. An overhead bridge connecting the two buildings was completed in 2009. The premises are in need of major repairs due to wear and tear over the years.

Thus the target of the initiative is to raise a minimum sum of RM1 million to cover the estimated expenses. According to the home, the targeted amount has not been achieved but urgent repairs have been done by utilising the funds received to enhance the safety of the residents.

For instance, roof replacement and installation of side panels at the pedestrian bridge connecting Block A and Block B have been completed. Slippery cement flooring was replaced with floor tiles in the dormitories and additional railings were installed at the toilet. Roof and windows leakages at the first and second floor of Block A and Block B were fixed.

Before and after the slope gradient was readjusted
Retiled for four dormitories
Installation of hand rails

Total expenditure spent for the said repairs amounted to RM216,000. The home expressed its heartfelt gratitude and deep appreciation to generous donors in support of the cause, namely Lee Yan Lian Charitable Foundation and Yayasan KLK.

As the Smiling Faces project is still ongoing, the home appeals for the generosity and kindness of the community in order to complete the essential upkeep. In particular, for its wiring system and the water heating system.

Depending entirely on public donations for its running expenses, the non-profit organisation provides shelter to scores of homeless and abandoned elderly folks regardless of race and religion. Residents stay free of charge and are provided with daily meals and medical care. Located along Jalan Kompleks Sukan, the home is registered with the Welfare Department.

Readers who would like to lend a helping hand can contact the home at 05 5473252 or visit A tax exemption receipt will be given for all donations above RM100. Donations can be channeled to the Public Bank account number 3104221914 (HOME FOR THE AGED (CWS) SIMEE).

Let us make a difference!

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