DAP Ready to Cooperate in Forming New Government

The Democratic Action Party (DAP) Perak is ready to work with UMNO in order to establish a clean, solid and stable government of multi-ethnicities.  

The Chairman of DAP Perak, Nga Kor Ming announced the decision via a recent media statement, adding that not a single party has a majority to form a stable government after the fall of the PN government on December 4. 

“DAP Perak has made the decision to cooperate with UMNO in order to form a multi-ethnic government which is clean, solid and stable. DAP Perak’s readiness to collaborate reflects that the party is magnanimous, as it places the people’s wellbeing as the primary agenda. The allegations of DAP being ‘anti-Malay or anti-Muslim’ are absolutely false. 

“It must be stressed that DAP Perak’s readiness to collaborate with UMNO revolves around the main principle of creating a clean government of integrity, multiple ethnicities and good governance. An agreement needs to be sealed if the suggestion to cooperate reaches a consensus,” he explained.

According to him, DAP will not compromise on bribery or corruption in terms of administrative integrity.

He added that DAP Perak will not partake in a state government without the inclusion of its partners from Pakatan Harapan, namely Amanah and Keadilan.


Rosli Mansor


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