U Mobile and Maipk Launches Muslim-friendly Ta’awun Prepaid Card

Group Chief Executive Officer of U Mobile Group, Wong Heang Tuck, and Chief Executive Officer of Majlis Agama Islam dan ‘Adat Melayu Perak (MAIPk), YBrs Shahrul Azam bin Shaari met for a simple Plaque Presentation ceremony today to mark the partnership between GoPayz, the standalone universal e-wallet developed by U Mobile, and MAIPk. GoPayz has been appointed as an official agent of MAIPk to collect zakat, wakaf and derma payments for customers residing in Perak and recently, both parties collaborated to launch a Muslim-friendly GoPayz-MAIPk Visa prepaid Ta’awun card. 

“GoPayz aims to provide customers with accessible digital financial and lifestyle services. With this new GoPayz-MAIPk Visa prepaid Ta’awun card, our Muslim customers residing in Perak are not only able to fulfil their religious responsibilities and commitments with ease, they are also able to make transactions anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted. The response to the card has been very good and we are very encouraged by our collaboration with MAIPK,” said Heang Tuck at the ceremony.

Shahrul Azam said, “The Perak Islamic Religious Council is always committed to enhance the economic and social development of Muslims, especially through zakat and wakaf. This new initiative focuses on the spirit of Ta’awun (helping) where MAIPk and the community work together indirectly to collect wakaf funds and create competitive wakaf projects. Expenses at selected outlets will allow customers to collect reward points which will eventually be converted into wakaf contributions. MAIPk will then develop suitable endowment projects to benefit the community in Perak. The launch of this product is also timely, where we strive to minimize physical movement by prioritizing online transactions.”

Launched on December 1, the new Ta’awun card enables Muslim customers to pay their zakat, wakaf and derma thorough a variety of accessible digital channels, namely the GoPayz website and app, MAIPk payment terminals and MAIPk payment kiosks. Customers may apply for the card, which is available in both physical and virtual form, via the GoPayz app, GoPayz website, or at the MAIPk office. 

Benefits of the GoPayz-MAIPk Visa Prepaid Card (Ta’awun) are as follow: 

  1. Muslim-friendly

  • Customers can use the Prepaid Card, which operates like a Debit Card, to pay their zakat, wakaf tunai and derma through multiple channels, namely the GoPayz website and app, MAIPk payment terminals and MAIPk payment kiosks.
  • The GoPayz app is equipped with a zakat calculator, making zakat calculation convenient for customers.
  • The Prepaid Card allows customers to earn reward points (GoPointz) for zakat, wakaf tunai and derma transactions with MAIPk specifically.
  • Customers will receive 1 GoPointz for every RM25 spent on zakat, wakaf tunai and derma with MAIPk.
  • The Prepaid Card’s reward points can be endowed directly to MAIPk through the GoPointz Automatic Conversion to MAIPk Cash Wakaf programme, giving customers the opportunity to increase their charitable endowment without withdrawing cash. This programme will launch tentatively from June 2021 onwards.
  • The Prepaid Card is a Muslim-friendly debit card, whereby transactions for activities like gambling and purchasing alcohol are restricted.
  1. Convenience

  • The Prepaid Card can be used at all local and international premises that have a Visa Card terminal facility.
  • The Prepaid Card allows customers to make cash withdrawals at local and international ATM terminals.
  • The Prepaid Card provides real time transaction statements allowing customers to check their cash balance and manage their budget accordingly.
  • Customers are not required to have a bank account in order to use the Prepaid Card. They can link the Prepaid Card to their GoPayz e-wallet, as the Prepaid Card works on all digital financial services that are registered with Bank Negara Malaysia.


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