Sultan Perak Urged Political Leaders to Put People First 

Sultan Nazrin Shah reminded political leaders to not take the responsibility assigned to them lightly.

According to him, a third appointment of a Menteri Besar, which has never happened in a term of state assembly, marked a new history.

“It is not a history to be proud of. It reflects failure and not success. It is a leadership failure among politicians to obtain solid support consistently to enable effort to be fully focused on administering the state in the best way in the interest of the people,” he stated after the installation ceremony of the Menteri Besar at Istana Iskandariah, Bukit Chandan in Kuala Kangsar today (December 10).

He expressed his wish for a peaceful state with fair administration so that the people can live harmoniously and respectfully.

Leaders were urged to focus their attention on the rakyat (people) whose incomes are affected by the pandemic as many have lost their jobs and are living in poverty.

“The people have set their hopes on you to help them in improving their place of living, providing various necessary services, bettering their economic status and fulfilling their social needs,” he said.


Rosli Mansor 


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