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An Ode to Old Town

By Ian Anderson

You Should Always Read the Small Print

Sharpened Word is having their next gathering on January 9, 2021. It is entitled “Talent Time – Ode to Old Ipoh”. Mistakenly, I thought that this was to be a literary occasion and dashed off a quick Ode (literary verse), only to find that they were looking for musical performances! But the worse was to come when I discovered I was 52 years too old, as their age limit is 30! So, ladies and gentleman, rather than waste it, here it is:


An Ode to Old Town


Ipoh’s Old Town is special; more than most people think.

Where there’s so many places that serve food and drink,

In age-old buildings that the owners don’t paint,

As they claim this it is that keeps the place quaint.


But we do have some brave souls that some think stupid,

Who spent masses of money – acting like Cupid,

In hopes that we’ll treasure and love the Old Town,

And defy those vandals that want it pulled down.


You will love the street hawkers, and their variety of food,

There are so many choices that are there to be viewed.

Just make your selection as they slave under the sun

If you don’t know what to eat – try Chicken Hor Fun.


Now, if you’re to visit the town, and come down by car,

You may have to park at the station – that’s too far!

For parking in town can be a great deal of fuss,

So make your life easy, take the Hop-on Hop-off bus. 


But mind where you go, as the pavements are broken,

Forgetting the fact that the Echo has spoken.

And watch out for garbage, in the streets where you walk,

Despite the efforts of others, and a whole lot of talk.


Heeding all this, there is so much more to be seen

With a galaxy on murals, to brighten the scene.

And museums and galleries, entertainments galore,

There’s no doubt the tourists will come back for more. 


So this is our Old Town; a place we should treasure.

That brings many people a great deal of pleasure!

So my message is simple, we all need to take care,

Of what heritage we have – not strip the place bare.

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