Festive Cheer for Elderly Folks and An Appeal for Donation 

By Mei Kuan 

Presents and scrumptious food galore as the Home for the Aged (CWS) Simee, Ipoh celebrated a quiet yet joyful Christmas via an annual party on Sunday, December 20. It was double the joy as the birthdays of December babies were celebrated, one of them being 103-year-old Kuan Lek. 

Kuan Lek

At present, the home located along Jalan Kompleks Sukan is supporting a total of 45 residents from 64 to 103 years old.

The home was locked down on March 16 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and control measures were implemented to prevent infection as stipulated by the Ministry of Health. Subsequently, the new normal is observed in taking care of residents while staff are being prepared for any eventualities.

The non-profit organisation expressed its gratitude to everyone who played their respective role in the pandemic, especially the cooperative residents and dedicated staff who continued to work in this difficult and dangerous situation.

Since the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) on March 18, donation in cash and in kind to the home has dropped drastically. Thus, the home has been reaching out to potential donors by sending appeal letters and sharing its wish list of  daily essentials through its website during this period. 

Depending entirely on public donations for its running expenses, the home sincerely appeals to the members of the public to lend a helping hand.

Readers who would like to donate either in cash or in kind can contact the home at 05 5473252 or visit A tax exemption receipt will be given for all donations above RM100. Donations can be channeled to the Public Bank account number 3104221914 (HOME FOR THE AGED (CWS) SIMEE).


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