Virtual Graduation Ceremony for Buzzing Pre-schoolers  

Resilient pre-schoolers from Kinder Labz Ipoh graduated in a buzzing fashion through a virtual ceremony on December 19, 2020.  

As they spent time learning from home, the twenty-two bright and buzzing students showed their ability in adapting to new ways of learning and are ready to move on to primary school, highlighting the importance of developing socio-emotional skills such as adaptability, empathy and stress management in pre-schoolers as we tread into the ‘new normal’.  

Student Alicia Christine, aged 6, said in a heartwarming message, “Our days in Kinder Labz were filled with play, adventure and joy and soon we will be moving on to primary school. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to our beloved principals, teachers and parents for giving us your guidance and love and care.” 

Mr and Mrs Paran, parents whose son was among the graduates said, “Shawin has had a wonderful 2 years in Kinder Labz, both our son and daughter enjoy attending school and being with their friends and teachers. Thank you to all the teachers for the great effort and work put in to see my children do well in school and to move to the next level of their schooling life”. 

Addressing the students, Group Director of Education Evelyn Chen said: “Congratulations to all our K2 Bees on your first graduation; the start of many milestones on your educational journey. Class of 2020, you have been lovingly looked after, made new friends and learned together.”  

Kinder Labz provides early childhood education and care to children aged two to six years old. The kindergarten also provides a before and after school care service for children 

between the age of seven to twelve years old. For more information, call or WhatsApp 010 664 4211 or email 


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