Quality Education with Shen Jai Education Group

Shen Jai Education Group (SJEG) is a leading conglomerate of education institutions comprising Shen Jai TVET College (SJTC) and Kompas International College (KIC). Both institutions are located in Ipoh Garden Square Plaza which is situated in Ipoh City and is easily accessible from the highway.  

Having both institutions under one roof, SJEG offers a variety of programmes that caters to the needs of all levels of society. Its aim is to provide quality education at an affordable price so as to ensure that it is accessible to members of the public from all financial backgrounds. 

On the first floor of the unique campus lies Shen Jai TVET College (SJTC). SJTC offers a variety of programmes ranging from technology to hospitality. All the specialized courses are taught by lecturers who are experts in the industry with years of experience to boot. The state-of-the-art facilities enable students to experience learning in a conducive environment.  

Kompas International College (KIC) occupies the second floor of the campus. KIC offers various programmes such as LCCI, CAT, ACCA, ADTP, Business Management, International Business etc. With an outstanding team of lecturers focusing on producing quality graduates, students will be equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to excel in the real world. As a recognized Malaysian University English Test (MUET) exam centre, KIC also offers preparatory classes for MUET and Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), a Chinese proficiency test.  

The campus has undergone various transformations for the past years to meet the increasing demand of incoming students. With the newly refurbished building and state-of-the-art facilities, students have the opportunity to study in a classy campus in a low-cost city. KIC and SJTC even provide students with a beautiful and comfortable accommodation for those who need a place to stay. The fees for their programmes are affordable with flexible options for payment.  

To find out more about the courses offered by KIC and SJTC, please call the Marketing Department at +605-2109168 or +6010-3880978 (WhatsApp). One can also visit or for further information on the courses available at both institutions. 

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