MBSS 2021 – Speakers, Moderator and Guest of Honour

Greetings from MBSS 2021!

The Malaysian Business Student Summit (MBSS) 2021 proudly introduces the speakers, moderator and Guest of Honour for their E-Commerce Conference!

First and foremost, MBSS is extremely fortunate to have Mr. Mohammad Manzur Rahman, the Director of Marketing, Customer Experience and Innovation of Axiata Digital (Aspirasi), as one of their speakers for the E-Commerce Conference. For your information, Aspirasi is a fintech specializing in the micro-financing and micro-insurance brand by Axiata Digital. It is also the digital services arm of Axiata Group.

The second speaker, Mr. Jan Wong is the Founder and Online Strategist of OpenMinds. OpenMinds was founded in 2012 and serves as a MarTech firm to provide strategic solutions, data analysis, technology development, consultancy and training programmes, as well as a venture division to assist startups.

Besides, MBSS is also having Ms. Lennise Ng, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Dropee Malaysia as another speaker for the E-Commerce Conference. For your information, Dropee Malaysia is a B2B e-Commerce platform that enables brands and wholesalers to get closer to their customers, both online and offline. Moreover, with the ambition to combine the two worlds, Dropee was started in order to address the issues of growing and scaling wholesale businesses in the eCommerce era. Besides, Dropee has helped thousands of brands and wholesale businesses to leverage eCommerce to their growth advantage. 

The last speaker, Mr. Chan Kok Long, is one of the key founders of iPay88. He is currently also the Executive Director of both iPay88 Holdings Sdn Bhd (formerly known as iPay88 Sdn Bhd) and iPay88 (M) Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Sdn Bhd). 

In addition, MBSS is pleased to have Dr. Soo Wincci as the moderator of their E-Commerce Conference! From singer, recording artist, actress, composer, celebrity chef, host, model, PhD holder to entrepreneur, Dr. Soo is a Multi Hybrid Artist, Academia Researcher, Producer and Beauty Queen from Malaysia.

Last but not least, MBSS is more than delighted to introduce their Guest of Honour, Datuk Michael Kang Hua Keong! Datuk Kang is the National President of the SME Association of Malaysia, as well as the Executive Director of Asia Media Group Bhd and the Director of SMB Connection Sdn Bhd. As a keen promoter of Malaysia’s SME sector, Datuk Kang has worked tirelessly to develop the SME landscape and encourage business owners to transform their business in order to keep up with the market goals. He was a member of the Digital Economy Task Force where he served to bridge communication between SMEs and the authorities.  

With the presence of this panel of speakers, moderator and Guest of Honour, MBSS 2021 strongly believes that their E-Commerce Conference will be a great success!


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