‘Mesra Exploration Series Achieved Its Mission’—Menteri Besar

Dato’ Saarani Mohamad described the segments of the Menteri Besar Bersama Rakyat (Mesra) programme in Kerian district for two days to have achieved its mission, as he, the line-up of executive councillors (Excos) and the governmental staff got to go on-site to meet citizens.

The programme, which was the first of its kind, involved all levels of administration, comprising Saarani himself as the Menteri Besar of Perak, Excos, state secretary, head of departments and district officers to sit and listen to citizens’ woes.

In his Facebook post, Saarani mentioned, government department counters which are a frequent focus of attention were also opened under one roof to tend to citizens’ affairs.

He added, some of the citizens who came to the counters applied for education aid, land management, house repairing assistance, legal aid, agricultural assistance and matters regarding welfare.

“Some were solved on the spot, while some others required more time to be processed or inspected by involved agencies.

“Despite the rather complicated situation due to adherence of COVID-19 SOPs, most who came, appreciated the state government’s commitment.

“I thank all departments and agencies involved. This is the best part of working as a team. We’ll meet again in the next district. God willing.”

He expressed so in his post.

The Mesra programme held at Kerian District had its last day yesterday (March 11).

It kick-started with the Mengopi Bersama MB segment in Bagan Serai which enabled Saarani to have a dialogue with citizens there regarding local issues.

Next, he launched the Iqra Awesome Learning Centre run by youths, followed by a visit to Kampung Nibong Hangus where he released some hundred thousand of baby tinfoil barb fishes and shrimps into Sungai Kurau, which became a location of livelihood for local citizens there, especially land-based fishermen.

Saarani then observed a few areas of the Selinsing constituency under the Perak state assembly (DUN), including the Sungai Pinang Jetty in need of attention following its dilapidated condition, alongside a visit to the proposed construction site for Bandar Baru Selinsing (new town).


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