Lenggong Geopark to Be the Second National Geopark in the State

Lenggong Geopark will soon be the second national geopark in Perak after the Kinta Valley Geopark.

According to the Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato’ Saarani Mohamad, the proposed area of Lenggong Geopark covers a width of 2,391 sq km which involves four mukims (townships), namely Kenering, Lenggong, Temelong and Durian Pipit.

“Lenggong Geopark doesn’t only involve geology and archaeology sites, but it also brings forth sites that are rich in biological, historical, cultural and local product variety.

“The geopark development is in line with the sustainable physical development planning policy via methods of integrated land development and conservation of natural treasures in Perak to ensure balance and resilience.

“Under the geopark concept, natural resource treasures are maintained and utilised to generate income for local citizens via eco-tourism activities.”

He said so in his speech during the groundbreaking ceremony of the Lenggong Geopark Gallery construction today (March 13).

Also present were the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Dato’ Seri Dr Shamsul Anuar Nasarah and the Executive Councillor for Housing, Local Government and Tourism, Dato’ Nolee Ashilin Mohamed Radzi.

Saarani expressed his gratitude to Yayasan Albukhary which allocated RM2 million to execute the Lenggong Geopark Gallery construction.

He added, the foundation’s effort will set an example for other corporate bodies in assisting the government to retain national natural resources in times to come.

“The state government of Perak conveys utmost appreciation to all involved at all levels, to the point of Lenggong’s recognition as the second national geopark in Perak,” Saarani expressed.

Rosli Mansor


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