Senior Citizen Requests for Aid to Fix Dilapidating House

Fatimah Ismail, a 75-year-old senior citizen, feels that her personal safety is at risk day by day due to the rotting house she resides in.

The former canteen worker supports herself with the Baitulmal financial aid of RM300 per month. She has to face fate due to her aging self and health issues that prevent her from working.

“My husband passed away more than eight years ago. We had no children and I live alone in this house.

“The house has been my family’s inheritance from 1963. Now that it’s 58 years old, the walls and roof are rotting.

“I hope that there are parties who can help in fixing the house. I’m feeling terrified and insecure, particularly during downpours or storms,” she said when interviewed at Jalan Tampoi, Sungai Rokam today (March 13).

Ipoh Echo’s observation found that wooden structures at a few sections of the house are rotten, besides leakage of roof sections that caused rainwater to pour into the house.

It is topped with the issue of a toilet which is situated outside, worrying poor Fatimah who has to step out of the house to use the toilet, especially during nighttime.

However, Fatimah is enthused as today, the Ipoh City Council (MBI) through the MBI Prihatin project, took the initiative to build a comfortable and safe-to-use toilet for her.

When met, MBI City Councillor (Zone 21), Abu Bakar Hussain said that the council has allocated around RM2,000 for construction of the new toilet.

A total of 10 army personnel from the 2nd Squadron Royal Engineers Regiment in Taiping and 2nd Battalion Royal Ranger Regiment in Ipoh collaborated in constructing the toilet.

“The construction starts today and is expected for completion by tomorrow, depending on weather conditions,” he told Ipoh Echo.

Meanwhile, Fatimah conveyed her gratitude to those who were concerned with her woes.

“I thank everyone who is willing to lend a helping hand in building the new toilet. May others come forward to help in fixing the ever-dilapidating house,” she expressed.


Rosli Mansor


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