Break the Plastic Bag Habit with Trash Hero Bags

By Mei Kuan

In support of the social enterprise named Making Oceans Plastic Free, Trash Hero Ipoh is featuring two reusable, multipurpose bags with affordable price tags: TASINI and INIBAG.


A vibrant yellow bag, TASINI folds into an adorable turtle pouch while INIBAG folds into a Trash Hero pouch. Each is made from recycled polyester (rPET) using the equivalent of 2 x 500ml plastic bottles. Plus, the bag fabric is water-repelling and dirt-repelling.


Promoting the switch away from single-use plastic bags, it is ideal for use when shopping, getting groceries and snacks. It also comes with a handy keychain to attach the pouch to the bag for convenience.

Each bag proudly bears the “I’m a Trash Hero” print while each pouch has the “I’m a Trash Hero” label. TASINI is designed as cute marine animals in order to promote awareness of protecting the ecosystem.

“The bag is really convenient as a keychain is provided – most users attach it to their car keys. In addition, many find the size of the bag to be just right, not too big or too small,” NorHazira Jalik, the Ipoh girl who founded Trash Hero Ipoh, shared with Ipoh Echo.

Both bags are available for sale at PORTDISTRO, People of Remarkable Talents (PORT) along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah. Interested readers can contact PORT at 05 241 2287 for more info. Let’s break the plastic bag habit – the easy and fun way!

Established in January 2019, Trash Hero Ipoh is a non-profit organisation under the global volunteer-led movement, Trash Hero World. For latest updates, visit the Trash Hero Ipoh Facebook page or its website:

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