MPM Sanitised Public and Tourist Spots

The Landscape Unit and Environmental Health and Municipality Service Department of the Manjung Municipal Council (MPM) performed sanitisation works at tourist spots recently. It was carried out in collaboration with Seri Manjung Fire and Rescue Station.

Some of the locations involved were: Teluk Batik Beach, Taman Paya Bakau Bandar Lumut, Pangkor Island Jetty, Teluk Bahru, Pasir Bogak Beach, Pangkor Island Town, Kota Belanda, Lumut Jetty and public parks.

In a statement by MPM, this step was one of the initiatives taken to welcome the arrival of tourists since vacation destinations in Manjung District are starting to gather visits.

The statement added, sanitisation works are to ensure cleanliness of the tourist spots, safety of visitors and to reduce transmission risk of COVID-19.

“At the same time, MPM would like to remind the public to always take care of personal hygiene and abide by the implemented SOPs at all times.

“Always wear face masks, wash hands frequently and maintain physical distancing,” it mentioned.

Thus, it is vital for the public to stay responsible to guarantee personal and family safety while visiting public places.

Rosli Mansor

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