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Malaysia through the lenses of a Mat Salleh: Episode 23

By Philippe A.Durant

Day 23: Lenggong, Fourth UNESCO Heritage Site in Malaysia

I only discovered Lenggong less than two years ago following a report from my friend, Luly Shahabudin, in “Undercover Malaysian’s Beauty”. She introduced me to Nash Jalaludin, a passionate local tour guide and owner of Rumah Tiang 16, a beautiful traditional Malay house turned into a guest house. I went twice with Annies, my wife. The first time, Nash, our host showed us around. We have never been to the archaeological site of the Perak Man and the meteor site for various personal reasons. On the other hand, we experienced the real kampung (village) life and met very interesting, welcoming people from the town and nearby villages such as a farmer with a macaque pet, kite maker, local housewife, salted fish maker and chefs. Plus, we participated in the preparation of a local traditional meal that we enjoyed eating after. We admired the local landscape. When we went by ourselves the second time, we met the Orang Asli and discovered cascades. There are many rivers, lakes, caves, paddy fields and other natural treasures in this peaceful and green place.

When travelling becomes possible and is allowed, hopefully soon, do go and discover Lenggong Valley.

We also did a video on Lenggong Valley that you can watch with the following link:

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Bon voyage.

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