Radio TV MBI: Information Presenter for Ipohites

Information transmission via radio and television is also utilised by the Ipoh City Council (MBI), proving the importance and effectiveness of both media in addition to having an audience.

Radio TV MBI, also known as Radio TV Bandaraya Ipoh, is accessible via MBI’s Facebook page. It has amassed a following of around 150,000, including Ipohite youths overseas, to gain the latest information regarding our beloved town.

The inception objective of Radio TV MBI, is not to compete with existing commercial stations, but rather to be a dedicated channel to deliver information to its target audience, who are Ipohites.

Thus, information and programme segments are more exclusive and focused on local citizens’ requests.

Radio TV MBI which started airing on June 1, 2016, was an initiative of MBI’s leadership at the time as a step forward.

It also serves as a source of pride as MBI is the only local authority (PBT) in Malaysia to operate a radio channel similar to a commercial station.

As of this moment, Radio TV MBI is managed by a team of six, comprising MBI staff from various departments who also act as presenters and producers, aided by a supervisor as a station manager.

Interestingly, the presenters are not full time deejays. In fact, they are MBI staff comprising administration officers, health inspectors and those in corporate units that possess talents and skills as radio presenters.

Besides access via Facebook, Radio TV MBI has also become the main broadcast in the MBI building to be listened to by staff and members of the public dealing with the council.

It airs from 8am to 5pm daily from Monday to Friday, filled with a multitude of segments with three presenters who work on shifts.

Some of the segments include ‘Santai Sembang’ (casual chat), ‘Motivasi Pagi’ (morning motivation), ‘Segmen Bersama Usahawan’ (segment with entrepreneurs) and ‘Tetamu Jemputan’ (invited guests).

A radio station would not be complete without music. Thus, for Radio TV MBI, song renditions are based on listeners’ tastes, with hits from the 60s, Hindustan, retro and latest songs by popular artists.

The Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin said that Radio TV MBI will always be improved via addition of programmes in line with the goal to be the transmission channel dedicated for Ipohites.

He added, the inception of the channel, which is available online, was an effort from the previous MBI administration who foresaw the current need for information transmission to the society.

“The birth of Radio TV MBI has also indirectly enlivened the broadcast industry in Malaysia, particularly the PBT channels.

“Also, the station will stay focused as a transmission channel and the bridge between MBI and Ipohites,” Rumaizi expressed.

Rosli Mansor

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