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PINCER to Return to Operations

The Perak Innovation and Creative Resource Centre (PINCER) in Meru Raya is set to resume operations to boost the creative industry in Ipoh. 

According to the Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, the effort to revive PINCER is in line with current demands in this era of media technology, besides providing opportunities for local artists.

“The creative industry covers a multitude of artistic elements which should be the main condition to create a progressive city as an art city.

“This building which is worth RM20 million is complete with various high-tech equipment and facilities, such as studios, industrial designs, teaching facilities, mini theatres, classrooms and galleries.

“We’ll be engaging in a joint effort with the state government of Perak, Perak State Development Corporation (PKNP) and electronic media publication companies to realise this plan,” he told reporters after an official visit to PINCER yesterday (March 18).

Also present were Perak Industrial Resources Sdn Bhd (PIRSB) chief executive officer Abdul Rahim Bohari@Bahari who represented PKNP and Luncai Emas executive chief, Sham Ali Hussin.

Rumaizi added, PINCER which is under PKNP’s ownership is expected to start operations this year end but the building requires a few phases of repair.

“We’re well-informed of PINCER’s provision of services in music production, voice recording, multimedia recording and audio services.

“Thus, this opportunity could be utilised to pave the way for creative arts besides being able to generate individual and state economy,” he expressed.


Rosli Mansor


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