Perak UTC Citizens’ Information Centre (PMR) Now an Outlet for Vaccination Registration

The Citizens’ Information Centre (PMR) will function as an information medium for the public in obtaining clarifications regarding initiatives by the government, such as the Proclamation of Emergency and the ongoing National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme.

According to the Perak Information Department director, Mohd Taip Ubah, all 14 PMRs in the state, including Ipoh’s, will be providing assistance and guidelines for those who wish to register as vaccine recipients.

“As advised by the Director-General of the Department of Information (DOI) Malaysia, Dato’ Mohd Sukari Ab Hamid, PMRs have also been declared as one of the outlets for vaccination registration. 

“This is one of DOI’s efforts and also a campaign to improve citizens’ awareness towards the importance of COVID-19 immunisation vaccination, apart from being an additional medium for registration particularly for those who’ve yet to do so via the MySejahtera app.”

He told reporters so during a media session at the Perak Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) in Ipoh here earlier today (March 26).

It was preceded by the PMR Signature Programme held by DOI to improve information transmission and knowledge regarding government services on a wider scale to the public.

Present was the Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, who signed the parchment with Mohd Taip in front of the Perak Information Department office in UTC and proceeded to walk around the corridors to distribute flyers detailing the immunisation programme.

“We target those who are not tech-savvy to register for vaccination through PMR.

“Also, since there’s a need for awareness of the immunisation programme to reach all eligible individuals as soon as possible, we’ll be working hand-in-hand with other governmental departments to ensure that the task is done properly.

“Hopefully, this initiative will aid citizens further in successfully registering for the immunisation programme and cease further transmission of COVID-19,” Mohd Taip expressed.


Chris Teh


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