lpohBug Keeps Buzzing!

Busy! Busy! While others were taking a break or not knowing what to do with their spare time, IpohBug has been keeping themselves busy in the past few months during the CMCO. They have been buzzing around distributing foodstuffs and daily essentials to the homeless and needy all over the city. 

In early March, their staff and athletes were found distributing food packs to all the homeless at Jalan Bendahara, Jalan Onn Jaafar, Jalan Yang Kalsom and Jalan CM Yusuff.  In the middle of the month, they organised another drive and distributed 250 packets of rice, biscuits, and mineral water to poor folks in the city centre. Part of this drive was to also distribute daily essentials to Rumah Kanak-Kanak Cacat in Housing Trust, which was very well received by the residents. 

Just two days ago they brought some foodstuff, a bed with mattresses, linoleum for the floor and installed a water filter for a single mother with four young children in Chemor. “All in a day’s work,” says IpohBug’s team leader, Augustine Chang.


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