Tourism Trends Have Changed

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis has brought a deleterious effect towards nearly all sectors, tourism included.  

According to Tourism Malaysia Northern Region deputy director, M. Yoganthiran, plans are in motion to re-spur tourism activities in the northern region which spans the states of Perlis, Kedah (including Langkawi), Penang and Perak.

M. Yoganthiran

“Firstly, we’re working hand-in-hand with hotels, tour agencies, tourism products and state governments as some of the tour packages we offer involve travelling between states.

“For starters, perhaps we’ll start promotions in Perak, as our operations are now centralised in Penang. We’ll then proceed to the other states in the near future.

“Right now, we’re waiting for the inter-state travel restriction to be lifted, as the existing tour packages we offer are already booked in advance.

“This is an overwhelmingly good response and we foresee the tourism sector jumping back into the scene greatly.”

He told reporters during a friendly reception between Tourism Malaysia Northern Region and members of the media at Impiana Hotel earlier today (March 31).

Yoganthiran opined that tourism trends have changed.

“For instance, mass tourism was the thing back then, but tourists nowadays prefer moving around in small groups.

“Also, they tend to avoid visiting public focus areas, such as town centres,” he added.

Yoganthiran mentioned that Tourism Malaysia is now offering holiday packages with special rates for civil servants. 

“Hopefully, the tourism sector improves post-COVID-19 and regenerates the economy for the country,” he expressed.

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