Discard Trash Properly!

The habit of hanging trash packets on tree branches and/or fences needs to stop as it not only ruins the sight of the environment, but also makes rubbish collection works that are subject to precise timing more difficult.

According to the City Councillor for Zone 21 (Desa Pakatan), Abu Bakar Hussian, this is all the more due to the increasing number of residential premises around the city of Ipoh.

“Thus, the rubbish bin distribution today is aimed at educating the public on the importance of instilling proper waste disposal and increasing awareness on environmental cleanliness.

“The bins need to be placed at each house front based on the implemented collection schedule, while rubbish must be discarded in plastic bags suitable for disposal.”

He said in his speech during the distribution programme at a field centering Taman Desa Pakatan near Station 18, Ipoh, earlier today (April 30).

The programme is a joint CSR project between Ipoh City Council (MBI) and LTC Alam Bersih Sdn Bhd, a garbage collection service company.

Also present were the manager of LTC Alam Bersih, Lee Chun Cen, among others.

“Through this programme, 1,000 bins were distributed to the residents here. Each bin is worth RM70.

“This is LTC Alam Bersih’s first-ever CSR project to be undertaken with MBI,” Lee mentioned.

Tham Ly Ly

Tham Ly Ly, a resident, opined that rubbish collection and environmental cleanliness maintenance is a matter that requires more genuine attention from Ipohites.

“I can see that MBI is putting in the effort to fix environmental hygiene issues in the city. What about us (citizens)?

“Sometimes, I feel that most people do not appreciate the work done, even as far as being reluctant to cooperate with the council.

“With the contributed rubbish bins, hopefully, not only fellow residents of Desa Pakatan, but also Ipohites in general, will be more responsible in discarding and taking out the trash. It’s not that hard, is it?” the pre-school headmistress stated.

Earlier this month, MBI distributed rubbish bins to residents of Bandar Baru Putra in Bercham and Meru Zone. For further reading, refer to this article by Ipoh Echo.


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