On Ipoh Food: V Life Cafe


By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen

V Life Cafe

SeeFoon finds that a Healthy Life begins at V Life

I never imagined that I would actually relish eating a plant-based meal (think vegetarian) but I find my taste buds becoming more and more acclimated to this healthy alternative. 

Hitherto, vegetarian meals were limited to Indian or Chinese dishes, the former usually dripping with oil and the latter suffused with MSG which would immediately produce tremendous thirst and swelling on my legs.

But in the past few years, Ipoh has seen a proliferation of vegetarian restaurants that promise no MSG and some actually grow their own vegetables.

V Life Cafe is one of these.

Newly opened, V Life is a tastefully decorated cafe that is bright and airy (air conditioned) with one wall devoted to hydroponic vegetables…continue reading at Ipoh Food Diva

For more reviews, go to SeeFoon’s blog at www.IpohFoodDiva.my

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