No Barbed Wires for Entire EMCO Area, Only Shortcuts

The enhanced movement control order (EMCO) in four subdistricts (mukim) of Perak starting today (May 22) until June 4 will not involve installations of barbed wires at all of the affected localities.

According to the state police chief Datuk Mior Faridalathrash Wahid, however, barbed wires will be installed at a few shortcuts in order to restrict movements of the public under EMCO.

“It’s impossible to set them up around the entire EMCO area due to its wide coverage. 

“With that said, the police through roadblocks (SJR), SOP compliance monitoring and patrol  teams will be on the lookout for any movements from the public, especially after 10pm.

“Strict actions will be taken on those found failing to comply,” he told reporters after a work visit to the Medan Gopeng SJR earlier today.

SJR at Medan Gopeng

In accordance with the EMCO implementation, 11 SJR were added into duty, bringing the total to 24 at all subdistricts involved, which are:

  1. Hulu Kinta (covering Ipoh, Chemor, Lumut and Tanjung Rambutan) in Kinta District
  2. Hulu Bernam Timur in Muallim District
  3. Pengkalan Hulu in Hulu Perak District
  4. Taiping in Larut, Matang and Selama District.

“Some 1,270 personnel are involved in the SJR, which comprise 962 police officers and 308 from other authority units,” Mior mentioned.

He also reminded those who are still unclear about the EMCO border in Hulu Kinta Subdistrict to refer to the spatial data map jointly prepared by the Kinta District and Land Office from Ipoh and Batu Gajah with the Perak Geographic Information System (PerakGIS). 

“The data is provided by the Department of Survey and Mapping (JUPEM) Malaysia.

“All that’s needed to be done is to type one’s house address to see if it falls under the EMCO area. 

“The coverage is huge, with certain areas connected via borders, so the map will be of great help to the public,” Mior added.

Head to to refer to the map.

To refresh on EMCO SOPs for Hulu Kinta Subdistrict, refer to this list by Ipoh Echo.


Chris Teh


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