KRIS Blood Donation Drive

Rotary Club of Ipoh South (KRIS), with the support of Unit Derma Darah Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh (HRPB Blood Donation Unit) and AEON Kinta City jointly organised the Blood Donation Drive & Distribution of Awareness Campaign Information Flyers on Domestic Violence (DV). 

The event was held on May 23 at AEON Kinta City, Ipoh. There were a total of 70 participants, out of which 54 successfully donated blood while 16 were deferred due to fasting or reduced food intake, lack of sleep and other medical reasons.

The event was led by President Pathma Devi, Rotarian J.Henry, IPP Asokan, Rotarian Savaria Xavier and Rotarian Kumaran. 

KRIS would like to thank all for the continuous support, enthusiasm, dedication and passion, especially the donors and supporters.

“The One Who Saves One Life Saves All Mankind.”


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