MakCik Travels Does More Than Just Keeping Your Loved Ones Company!

We have definitely heard about how many elderly were left with no choice but to postpone their vaccinations because their children are unable to send them to the centre due to matters like a packed work schedule. 

Recently, Ipoh Echo has discovered an app known as MakCik Travels, a service run entirely by women which offers to aid the elderly, women, children and differently-abled individuals in matters that involve transportation such as grocery shopping and picking up children to and from school. They also offer health and home companion services (chaperone), whereby their team members will accompany clients to health appointments in the former, and personally visit your homes to help check on your loved ones when you’re away in the latter.

Running under the hashtag #WanitaJagaWanita, the MakCik Travels team currently does more than just keeping your loved ones company. They now offer transportation services to and from vaccination centres. What makes them good companions is that they will pick you up from your home, give you a ride to your assigned vaccination centre and stay with you throughout the process, besides also helping you to carry your possessions and sending you home.

If you are wondering, they do accept male customers as long as there is a female passenger in the car.

According to the co-founder and chief operating officer (COO), Siti Sarah Annuar, the community has been supportive. “We focus on filling the gaps in our community where we help the elderly and people with special needs,” she expressed. 

The service is available in Ipoh and Taiping in Perak, as well as Penang, Kedah, Johor, Selangor and more. 

This approach will definitely benefit the people, especially those who are tied up with work and unable to tend to their elderly parents all the time. Let’s keep the spirit alive together!

For more info on how to register, visit their website at 

Bookings can be made via Whatsapp 010-2284020.

Gisele Soo 


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