11 Arrested for Gambling, 3 Injured While Attempting Escape

11 individuals, including a premises owner, were arrested for engaging in gambling activities at a rented house in Kampung Simee yesterday (June 3).

According to the Ipoh District Police Headquarters (IPD) chief Assistant Commissioner A. Asmadi Abdul Aziz, the raid and capture operation was carried out by a squad from the Sungai Senam Police Station at around 4.15pm.

“Upon arrival, the individuals aged between 41 to 66 were caught engaging in a “Jim Rami” gamble.

“However, three out of the 11 individuals were shocked by the police’s presence and they immediately jumped out the window from the second floor where the gambling took place, thus sustaining injuries.

“One was injured on his wrist, shoulders and waist; another on both of his legs; and the other on his ribs and left hand. They were brought to the Ipoh Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital (HRPB) for treatment.

“Items pertaining to the case: two “Jim Rami” tables, 114 “Jim Rami” stones, two dice, 119 tokens, along with five recliners and two plastic chairs were seized during the raid.”

He told reporters in a media session at IPD Ipoh earlier today (June 4).

A. Asmadi added, all of the arrested individuals were released on police bail, while they’re being investigated under Section 6(1) of the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 for gambling in a common gaming house and pending reports from gambling experts.

“On top of a RM10,000 compound on each individual and RM25,000 on the house owner for EMCO SOP non-compliance, they’ll be subject to punishment entailing a fine of RM5,000 or imprisonment of up to six months, or both, if convicted.

“For the record, two out of them had past offences under Section 420 of the Penal Code (for deception practice) and Section 7(2) of the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 (for gaming in a public place).

“Thus, I’d like to strictly remind the public to refrain from engaging in such immoral practices which could negatively impact the community. Let’s do our part in stopping the further transmission of COVID-19 together,” he expressed.


Chris Teh


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