Accident Near Batu Gajah, One Victim Reported

An accident involving two vehicles and a victim was reported in front of Taman Saujana Megah along Jalan Pusing near Batu Gajah earlier today (June 4).

According to a spokesperson for the Perak Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM), an emergency call was received at around 11.23am.

“A squad and a vehicle from the Batu Gajah Fire and Rescue Station (BBP) were rushed to the scene right after.

“Upon arrival, it was found that the Proton Saga had crashed into the back of the lorry after losing control.

“During the aftermath, a female victim aged 35 was involved, having injuries sustained on her face, while stuck in the car.

“The squad subsequently rescued her using special equipment and she was handed over to the on-site ambulance for treatment and further actions,” he explained.

The operation which ended at around 11.54am was led by Senior Fire Officer II (PBK II) Mohd Khamis Harun.


Chris Teh


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