Be More Responsible While Discarding Domestic Trash

Residents of Kampung Rapat Jaya Tambahan are warned to be more responsible while discarding domestic trash.

The Ipoh City Council (MBI)’s anti-littering enforcement team is on the lookout for any illegal dumping attempts instead of proper rubbish disposal into bins provided by the council.

According to the Mayor of Ipoh Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, any wrongdoers caught red-handed will be issued compounds up to RM2,000 under Provision 12 of the Rubbish Collection and Disposal By-Law (MPI) 1986.

“Despite the establishment of a rubbish collection centre at Kampung Rapat Jaya Tambahan, MBI still receives complaints from the city councillor in charge of the area that the residents continue to simply discard trash on the grounds of the centre.

“What’s even more disheartening, the trash started to pile up since the centre was launched on May 7 earlier this year, not to mention that none of the complaints came from the residents themselves,” he explained.

“Domestic rubbish collection for the area happens every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, while the illegal dumping grounds are cleared only once per month.

“Today (June 23), the illegal dumping trash pile was cleared via the labour of four staff and an open lorry.

“As such, I humbly request for residents to cooperate and appreciate facilities provided by the council. We need to instil a higher sense of responsibility within ourselves,” Rumaizi expressed.

As of May this year, 82 compounds pertaining to littering offences had been issued, amounting to RM67,550.

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