Small Bites and Big Delights with SeeFoon: Red Bike Food Stand


By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen

Small Bites and Big Delights with SeeFoon

SeeFoon gets seduced

I have never been a fan of desserts or kuih or anything remotely sweet.

However, when coconut comes into the equation, I can be easily seduced, especially when the sugar level is minimal.

I was certainly seduced recently when Ann Tan, my baker friend, kept insisting that I try the Kuih Lompang/Kuih Kosui (both names apparently refer to the same thing) from her friend Goh Huei Guan. 

Having hummed, hawed and protested that I really don’t enjoy sweet things, Ann finally got exasperated and delivered a box to me and left me with the admonition, “Try it”.

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