Not the Right Time to be Politicking; Prioritise Vaccinating Citizens

Some 150 residents from and around Kampung Sungai Lah in Chenderiang, Perak got their turn to receive COVID-19 immunisation jabs, courtesy of the vaccination community outreach programme by the state government via Batang Padang District Health Office.

According to state legislative assembly member (ADUN) for Chenderiang constituency Dato’ Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu, the outreach programme was warmly welcomed by the residents as the next closest vaccination centre (PPV) is located more than 50km away at Trolak.

“This initiative is indeed more convenient as they do not have to travel so far just to get the vaccine jabs.

“With the current momentum of vaccination rate in the state, I’m confident that our lives can return to normal by the end of this year.”

He told reporters during a media session at the outreach programme established at Kampung Sungai Lah Multipurpose Hall earlier today (July 9).

Mohd Sharifuddin

70-year-old Mohd Sharifuddin from Kampung Sungai Lah felt lucky that the outreach programme was established at the said location, as the time and expenses of having to travel to Trolak for vaccination were saved.

“I got the appointment there initially, but I’m extra glad and relieved that this hall was made an outreach location for us (residents) by the government.

“I didn’t feel any side effects at all. The nurse who administered the jab was kind and friendly. I’m really appreciative of their efforts to immunise everyone,” he said.

73-year-old Mensom Mahatan from a nearby residential area urged the public to go for their vaccination appointments without hesitation.

Mensom Mahatan

“This is for the betterment of all. I’m still alive and kicking after the vaccination. What is there to be afraid of? Be a responsible Malaysian,” she expressed.

Meanwhile, Faizal mentioned that he will continue cooperating with the state government in the effort to end threats of the pandemic.

“We have to prioritise citizens’ welfare above all things. It doesn’t matter which party one belongs to; as members of the administration, it’s a must to fulfill our service to citizens first, in which right now is to vaccinate as many people as soon as possible.

“It’s definitely not the time to engage in any political activities during these tough times,” he stated.


Chris Teh


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