GoGreen Extends Support to the Community

Many are going through financial hardships, with businesses shutting down as they are unable to cope with the losses during these turbulent times. Like many other groups, Go GreenPerak City recycling center has stepped forward to come to the aid of others. 

The society known as ‘Persatuan Rejuvinasi Pemikiran Masyarakat Ipoh Perak’ was registered in 2019 with the aim to rejuvenate the thinking of the people towards traditional Malaysian values of caring for each other and to regenerate the environment and attitudes of the community as a whole. The president of Go Green, Victor Chew said that Go Green is a recycling corner started in January 2020 as a joint venture with GoGreen Perak Bhd, where they bring in community members for recycling projects to raise funds which will then be channeled back to the welfare of the community. 

Victor handing out food to a recipient

The center has been distributing food items to the needy since August 30 last year. “The donations come from the Administrator of Penang Bisik Malaysia Sibuk Facebook group, and we launched a Gift Meals Programme with the funds received. The programme involved meal provision for 30 individuals in Pasir Pinji which cost us about RM160 a week,” he highlighted. The programme is still ongoing till this day.

He said that besides his personal contact, the ACS Whatsapp group that started a donation drive which has allowed them to serve up to a total of 130 people as of now, local mixed rice stalls have also come in to supply meal boxes.  

According to Victor, their main goal is to provide the needy with at least a good meal once a week. “During the present difficult times, we try to give out meals twice a week along with foodstuff to ensure they have something to eat every day especially if they are ‘White Flag’ individuals.

“The center is currently receiving bread from ‘Our Daily Bread’ (organized by home-baker Ann Tan), rice, fruits, curry pastes, vegetables, and drinks among others, all which are handed out together with the meals. The people also receive eggs and other food items funded by monetary donations to the center.

Packed lunch for the needy

“We started preparing our own meals which would cost less after buying kitchen equipment to cook for over a 100 people at a time and recruiting volunteers who can cook. The MCO stops us dead in our tracks! We will continue this even when the pandemic is over,” he added.

He hopes to set up a hydroponics vegetable project at the centre to educate the community to plant vegetables for their own consumption. In addition, he has plans to guide them, especially the differently-abled persons, on upcycling recycled items to earn extra money.

Anyone who wants to chip in can transfer their donations to Persatuan Rejuvinasi Pemikiran Masyarakat Ipoh Perak at Maybank 608038634029. Cash is also accepted at the center. One can contact Victor at 016-5639609 regarding volunteering or donating.


Gisele Soo


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