Senior Citizen Hit by Falling Coconut Tree

A senior citizen sustained injuries on his head after being struck by a falling coconut tree at Kampung Parit Haji Napis in Kuala Kurau, Perak, earlier today (July 18).

A spokesperson for the Perak Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) said that an emergency call was received at around 9.17am.

“Upon the arrival of a squad from the Kuala Kurau Fire and Rescue Station (BBP), it was understood that the senior citizen was in the midst of cutting the tree when it toppled and hit him on the head.

“The squad proceeded to cut the coconut fronds and installed a cervical collar around the victim.

“He was subsequently handed over to on-site health staff and was then rushed to Hospital Parit Buntar for further treatment,” the spokesperson explained.

The operation which ended at around 9.45am was led by Senior Fire Officer II (PBK II) Nasrisal Safila Abu Samad.


Chris Teh


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