Don’t Perceive Sensitive Statements as Voices of the Community

Members of the public are advised to not perceive sensitive statements made by social media users, particularly those revolving around race and religion, as the voice of the community or of any group.

According to the Deputy Minister of National Unity Dato’ Seri Ti Lian Ker, citizens should be collectively working to maneuver the crippling situation of the pandemic.

“As we’ve all witnessed, COVID-19 has affected all walks of life, regardless of their religious and racial backgrounds, which resulted in them facing constant stress and hardships.

“Thus, there are individuals frustrated with having to stay at home and at times, they post sensitive comments online.

“However, know that these statements merely represent the particular individual’s point of view, not the whole community.

“The most crucial part now is to cease transmission of the deadly virus, in which the only way is to get vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity.”

He told reporters during a work visit to Tokong Kon Yin, a Chinese temple in Gopeng today (August 3), to assess the amount of required funds from the ministry for maintenance purposes.

Preceding the temple was a visit to Maha Ganapathy Aalaya Paripalan, a Hindu temple in Ipoh located behind the railway tracks.

“The ministry has received more than 1,200 applications from non-Islamic places of worship nationwide for the grant.

“As such, RM20 million has been allocated for the purpose, before we obtain an additional RM30 million.

“Once assessments are completed, the funds will be handed over to qualifying places of worship,” Ti added.


Chris Teh


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