Paid Vaccination for Private and Corporate Companies in Perak Begins Today

The SilverVax Programme, also known as the Perak Vaccine Programme (PVP), is a paid vaccination programme for private companies who wish to vaccinate their employees. 

Operated by the state government’s subsidiary, Majuperak Holdings Berhad (MHB), the programme commenced today (August 3).

According to MHB Group Chief Executive Officer, Nizran Noordin, a total of 150 private sectors including industrial as well as government-linked companies (GLC) are currently keen on the program. The paid vaccination program is not meant for the general public but for private and corporate companies, costing RM388 per staff. 

“This initiative is a step to accelerate the government’s effort to achieve herd immunity. Besides corporate companies, SilverVax also focuses on other industries such as manufacturing, construction and plantation.

“We aim to vaccinate about 300 people a day for four months based on demand,” he said on the first day of the SilverVax Programme at Ar-Ridzuan Medical Center.

At present, the process is only conducted at PPV Ar-Ridzuan Medical Center, but there are plans to set up another PPV at Silveritage Medan Gopeng and at the same time also consider opening two PPVs outside Ipoh in Teluk Intan and Taiping.

Nizran said the decision will be based on the demand as well as the supply of vaccines received.


Gisele Soo


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