‘Daily Cases Must be Below 300 to Enter Third Phase of National Recovery Plan’—Saarani

Perak is scheduled to receive 1,013,924 doses of vaccine in August, with 150,720 already received so far while the rest will arrive in stages throughout the month.

Perak Menteri Besar, Dato’ Saarani Mohamad said this was the highest number of vaccines compared to the 824,320 doses received last month.

“If the amount can be utilised fully, Perak will be able to achieve the third threshold value, that is the COVID-19 vaccination rate having reached 40 percent, by September in order to move into Phase Three of the National Recovery Plan.

“However, the number of daily cases must be taken into account before entering the third phase, whereby the daily cases must be under 300 for seven consecutive days.

“The state’s vaccination programme also recorded a significant achievement this week when the total number of daily vaccinations showed a positive increase,” he said in a media statement today (August 14).

Perak recorded 31,923 daily injections on August 9, the number rising to 36,585 on August 11 and continued to increase to 39,703 on August 12, which is the highest daily vaccination rate to date.

As of August 13, a total of 982,784 (52.76 percent) of Perak residents aged 18 and above have received the first dose while 630,240 (33.84 percent) have completed two doses.


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