Foodpanda Riders Receive Long-Awaited Vaccinations 

Waves of pink and Jalur Gemilang flags were seen on the road, where Foodpanda riders were getting their long-awaited COVID-19 vaccination jabs at the General Operations Force (PGA) Northern Brigade Headquarters’ clinic in Ulu Kinta starting today (August 16).

First of its kind in Perak, it is in conjunction with the Kibar Jalur Gemilang and Vaccination Campaign to celebrate the month of independence.

According to the Northern Brigade’s Deputy Commander, Assistant Commissioner Mohd Noh Khamis, 60 riders have received their first doses today, with more to be vaccinated in weeks to come.

“We’ve allocated more than 200 vaccination slots for the food delivery riders. Their numbers were staggered so as to prevent overcrowding at the centre (PPV).

“They’ve been hard at work as a part of countless frontliners fighting against the transmission of COVID-19, so it’s only right that they receive their vaccinations as soon as possible.”

He told reporters at the PPV during a media session today. Also present was the Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin and Ipoh City Council (MBI) member Dato’ Mazlan Abdul Rahman.

Azizal Naziri

Azizal Naziri, 42, who works as a part-time Foodpanda rider in Ipoh, said that the overall process of getting fellow riders registered for vaccination took not more than three days.

“I collected the details of my colleagues and submitted them to the PPV here and the one at Stadium Indera Mulia just a few days ago. To my surprise, they contacted us not long after and our appointments arrived sooner than we’d expected.

“Thus, I humbly thank the PGA Northern Brigade PPV and other parties who facilitated our vaccination appointments.

“Foodpanda alone has around 1,000 riders in Ipoh with only up to 20 percent of them vaccinated, so the number of riders vaccinated and to be in weeks to come will definitely help as a part to achieve herd immunity as soon as possible.

“With that said, I urge other companies who are in the same line of work as us to follow suit.

“It’s the least that can be done to guarantee the welfare of riders in these times of towering uncertainty,” said Azizal, who’s also a primary school teacher.

Khairul Izham Musa

Khairul Izham Musa, 27, a full-time rider, expressed his relief and gratitude after getting his vaccination.

“We (riders) have always practiced careful work SOPs. We never know if we accidentally become suspected close contacts. Thus, the vaccination appointments came right on time.

“At the very least, we can carry on our duties of delivering food to the public confidently, knowing that our work and health safety are guaranteed to an extent through vaccinations,” he expressed.

The riders were then brought to Caltex Tambun to have their petrol refilled, courtesy of MBI.


Chris Teh


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