MAQIS Seized Yam Trees from the Netherlands

The Department of Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services (MAQIS), in collaboration with the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (JKDM), managed to seize a box containing various types of imported yam trees.

Inspection results by MAQIS enforcement officers found that the yam trees originating from the Netherlands did not possess a valid import permit and the importer failed to submit a phytosanitary certificate from the country of origin.

“The act of importing plants, animals, carcasses, fish, agricultural produce, soil or microorganisms without a permit is an offense under Section 11(1) of the Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Act 2011 (Act 728).

“If convicted, one can be fined not more than RM100,000, imprisoned for a period not exceeding six years, or both, under Section 11(3) of the same Act.

“MAQIS is always committed and strict in carrying out enforcement at the country’s entrances to prevent the entry of plant, animal and fish diseases, as well as to ensure that every item brought in is free from pests and safe. All the trees were confiscated for further action,” said the statement.


Rosli Mansor


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