On Ipoh Food: SeeFoon follows William to Tong Sui Kai

Mention Tong Sui Kai or Dessert Street and every Ipohite will tell you where it is and also which is their favourite stall.

As the majority of the stalls here serve a dazzling choice of desserts and with me not having a sweet tooth, it is one area I have seldom explored. Until William set up a stall here.

As my readers will remember, in my blog post on January 25, 2021 in Ipoh Food Diva, I wrote about the ever resourceful William who closed his restaurant, Hau Xian Wei (one of my favourite go-to places pre-MCO) and opened two stalls: one he manages in the morning at Woolley Food Court and in the evening he can be found at Tong Sui Kai.

At night, William serves a whole different menu from his collection in the morning.

As tapau appears to be the ongoing trend these days, I went the whole hog and asked for all his evening dishes to be packed!

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