JPJ Offers Discounts

Those with outstanding summons can breathe a sigh of relief as the Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ) agreed to offer a compound reduction.

A discount of up to 70 percent starts tomorrow (August 18) until September 16.

However, court mention cases, including those with arrest warrants or trial status, cannot be granted.

JPJ said in a statement that the reduction of the compound will be given to all summons notices issued.

“Among them are those under the Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333), the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board Act (Act 334) as well as the rules and orders under it, including cases that are still in blacklist.

“The reduction on the summons notice is based on the current compound rate available in the mySIKAP JPJ system,” the statement mentioned.

The offer is also given to all summons that are still active and the compound period is still in effect provided payment is made within the discount period until September 16.

Payment for this summons notice can be made at all state JPJ offices, branches and UTC, kiosks or online through the JPJ mySIKAP portal.

Rosli Mansor


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