DUN Sitting a Success in Spite of the Pandemic

State Assembly Speaker, Dato’ Mohammad Zahir Abdul Khalid expressed his gratitude for a smooth flow of the state legislative assembly (DUN) sitting which lasted four days (August 25 to 27, which concluded today (August 30)).

In his appreciation statement issued moments ago, Mohammad Zahir congratulated and thanked all participating members (ADUNs) for adhering to SOPs in the entire duration of the sitting.

“Thanks to the unending compliance, no COVID-19 outbreaks occurred and that really helped to facilitate the people’s representatives in voicing their concerns for members of the public.

“I consider the sitting successfully implemented with various new approaches, despite the pandemic in Perak which is spreading at a rather worrying rate.

“Last but not least, I would like to thank the state government, State Health Department and state-level National Security Council (MKN), as well as personnel who were both directly and indirectly involved, for cooperating in efforts to make a go at the bubble concept implemented for the sitting.

“Thus, I hereby conclude the first session in the Fourth Year of the 14th Perak State Legislative Assembly,” he stated. 

Chris Teh


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