Some Educators in Perak Have Yet to be Vaccinated 

A total of 1,352 teachers in Perak have yet to receive their COVID-19 vaccination. Some have not received an appointment while others have not registered to be inoculated.

Executive Councillor for Education, Higher Education and Human Resource, Ahmad Saidi Mohamad Daud said that until August 29, a total of 36,238 out of a total of 37,590 teachers from primary and secondary schools have been vaccinated.

According to him, for the group of Sekolah Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM), Vocational, as well as Form Five and Six teachers, a total of 9,426 have been vaccinated while the remaining 258 have either yet to register or are still waiting for their inoculation appointment.

“The state government, through the Perak State Education Department (JPN), will continue to boost its efforts to ensure that these teachers will receive their vaccines.

“If necessary, programmes such as counseling sessions, webinars and workshops on the management and importance of vaccines will be organised to achieve this goal,” he said at the Perak State Assembly sitting.

In the meantime, Saidi said that the state government also welcomes the proposal by the Ministry of Education for students sitting for public examinations to be given priority to receive the vaccine.

“The state government has also sent notification letters regarding this matter to ensure that these students are protected, along with their family members and the community around them,” he added.

Through the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme, students aged 12 to 17 will be given priority to be vaccinated in preparation for the opening of the schooling session starting this September.


Rosli Mansor


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