State Assembly Hall to be Upgraded After DUN Sitting Ends

The main hall of the state legislative assembly (DUN) is scheduled for a makeover after the DUN sitting ends today (August 30).

According to the State Assembly Speaker, Dato’ Mohammad Zahir Abdul Khalid, the upgrade is to provide better facilities and more comfort for members (ADUNs) in the upcoming 2022 Perak Budget tabling.

“All upgrading works will be undertaken by the Public Works Department (JKR). 

“Firstly, seven LED screen units of 80 inch each will be installed in the hall, along with audio recalibration and upgrades.

“Besides that, USB chargers and sockets will be installed on top of tables for ADUNs’ convenience.

“Carpets in the hall will be replaced overall, while the Speaker and State Assembly Secretary’s seat will be shifted.

“An air filter and ionizer system has also been proposed for installation as a step to further prevent transmission of COVID-19.”

He said in an announcement before the sitting commenced today.


Chris Teh


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