Fully Vaccinated Senior Citizens Rewarded with Mooncakes and Lanterns

In conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 21, Ipoh City Council (MBI) member for Zone 14 (Pasir Pinji), Dr Richard Ng presented mooncakes and lanterns to 35 fully vaccinated senior citizens at the Pasir Pinji Community Hall yesterday (September 12).

According to him, this is a part of the ongoing MBI Prihatin programme to increase the vaccination rate while encouraging more Ipohites to register and obtain their inoculation.

“Based on latest data by the Ministry of Health (MOH), there are 1,022,602 Perakeans (equivalent to 40.7 percent) who are fully vaccinated, while 1,475,387 (equivalent to 58.7 percent) have received at least one dose.

“Once herd immunity is achieved in the near future, the status of COVID-19 as a pandemic will transition into an endemic occurrence.

“By then, more businesses and other economic sectors will be allowed to open and subsequently, provide job opportunities for the locals, especially those under the B40 category.

“Through this programme, we also distributed groceries to the senior citizens to help reduce their daily life burdens.

“The Lions Club of Perak Silver State also joined hands in contributing masks and hand sanitisers to them,” he said in a statement dated today (September 13).

Richard added that this was the second time an initiative like this was carried out to help increase the vaccination rate among the local community.

“We had previously organised house-to-house campaigns, where at least 1,500 Pasir Pinji residents have benefitted from this programme.

“It will be continued until herd immunity is achieved,” he mentioned.


Chris Teh


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